Keedsflix Education Programme

The specialization of activity modules and programmes by Keedsflix Playschool guarantees the fun and comfort of your children every day with us.

Our KeedsApps is available on mobile and tablet


Keedsflix Playschool Apps offers comfort and confidence to every parents. It allows effortless in making payment, real time information and easy access daily report. Thus, parents no longer need to worry about their children’s development at school with the app that will be updated from time to time.


A module that contains a year full of daily activities or ‘365 days Activites’ ready to be implemented and uploaded the outcomes in our playschool apps.

4 exercise books that are used for the children learning
The contents in the Magical Art Box

Magical Art Box

Project based learning using our Magical Art Box presents customize projects throughout the year that helps children in brain development and their creativity. It is exclusively designed to get the best out of them and can be applied for 1 to 4 years old children.

Keeds Quranic

Keeds Quranic exercise
Students can access videos, worksheets and quizzes on Keedsflix learning website

Hybrid Interactive Learning

Be a Keedsflix Family today and feel free to explore our free-access learning website and fully utilised our fun and interactive videos, worksheets and quizzes. “Let us keep your kids on task to keep your family on task” 

Our Session Plan

We provide a safe and comfortable environment for the children

Every child deserves a safe and comfortable place for education and mental development. Working parents especially want a well-rounded early education and plenty of interesting activities for their children while they work. Thus, here in Keedsflix Playschool Vista Alam, we provide special planning sessions for busy career parents who want the comfort and safety of their children while working.

Half day


Three-Quarter day


Full day






The best gift from a father to his child is education and upbringing

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Hadith on Parenting & Children